Blue Limestone Hearths

Our Blue Limestone Hearths / Floor Plates suits all stove designs and they have a smooth front to provide a softer finish. These Blue Limestone hearths helps manage your stove’s ash spills efficiently.

We offer Blue Limestone hearths in a number of shapes and sizes. We can make custom sizes, to order. If you require a bespoke hearth, please refer to the bespoke page to submit the dimensions required.

Blue Limestone Hearths

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Clear Inset Stove Glass Hearth (Curved Corners)
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Inset Stove Blue Limestone Hearth...

The Inset Stove Glass Hearth/Floor plate butts up against the wall and has a curved corners on the front edge. This is perfect for people who have their stove fitted in tight spaces up against a flat wall as a focal point.

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